Compliments & Complaints

We thrive on your feedback, good and bad.

You can download our complaints form here

Here is our policy:



SWW Mind Limited is committed to ensuring that all complaints from service users, staff, relatives and other stakeholders are dealt with fairly and quickly.  We endeavour to try and empower service users to ensure that they have a concept of what complaining means and that it is OK to say if they are unhappy. The procedure can be produced in other formats as service user’s needs determine.

All complaints are treated seriously and where appropriate used to develop current practice.


It is the policy of the company that all Customer Complaints are taken seriously and are dealt with in a uniform way and that the customer receives a first acknowledgement from the recipient of the complaint within 2 working days. A proposed resolution to the complaint should be issued to the customer within 10 working days. If for any reason there is an unavoidable delay in issuing a response to the complaint the customer must be informed and a new deadline issued/agreed.

When a complaint is received it will be recorded on the complaints database on SWW Mind’s intranet, and in a paper file by the person who receives the complaint. Complaints can be received either verbally or written. The following must be included in the log:

Date of complaint

Name and contact details of complainant

Nature of the complaint.

Whether a referral to safeguarding has been made

Who the complaint was made to (staff / volunteer name and job description)

Next steps

Date acknowledgement sent

Name and job title of Investigating Officer

The Chief Executive/Trustees or persons with delegated responsibilities must be notified immediately and will decide if the nature of the complaint is so serious that it requires the disciplinary procedure to be invoked. If it involves a ‘Vulnerable Adult’ and the nature of the complaint relates to an incident of abuse, then Social Services / Safeguarding Department must be notified and/or if it is believed that a criminal offence has been committed the police will need to be contacted.

An appropriate person or persons will be nominated to investigate the complaint, which should involve the following elements:

Completion of investigation form

Maintain confidentiality at all times, remain objective, keep to the facts

Keep clear accurate notes of all activities, present findings in writing, with a clear indication if it is felt that the complaint is to be upheld, partially upheld or not upheld.

Advise the complainant of their rights of appeal and time scales.

Anyone involved in the complaints investigation cannot be involved in any appeal of the decision by the complainant at a later date.

The complainant should be advised that they can have an independent advocate to support them if required.

Any persons / organisations who are funding the service must be notified.

All complaints will be investigated within 10 working days; however, dependant on the complexity of the complaint, a final outcome may take longer. In this instance the complainant will be advised of the timeline.

The outcome of the investigation will be documented and the complainant advised in writing.

If the complainant is not satisfied then it will be referred to the Compan y Chairman or his/her deputy and a response will be given within the following seven days.  Other events may need to take place simultaneously or follow a Complaints investigation as follows:

Supervision of staff, debriefing, disciplinary hearings, preparing press releases and managing the press, developing interim policies, speaking to various stakeholders.

If the complainant is still not satisfied following SWW Mind’s internal procedures, they can refer to the Government Ombudsman, who can be contacted on 0300 061 0614. The helpline is open from 8.30am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday. Complaints can also be made online, via

Complaints are a normal and necessary part of delivering an open and flexible service, they cannot always be avoided and it is crucial that we learn from them and assist the service in becoming more efficient in the process.


Comments and compliments are an important part of staff, volunteer and service development. They are a good way to recognise the efforts and skills of members, staff and volunteers and often boost morale.

When a comment or compliment is received it should be recorded on the Comments, Compliments and Complaints database on SWW Mind’s intranet, and in a paper file by the person who receives the comment or compliment.  Comments or compliments can be received either verbally or written.

All comments and compliments should be acknowledged in an appropriate manner. This could be verbally or by letter or email.