Learn How To Control Your Emotions With MoodMaster

Is life losing its sparkle? Are you depressed, anxious, irritable or angry? Do you have difficulty concentrating, problems in controlling your emotions?

If so, MoodMaster might be for you, providing an upbeat approach to physical and emotional wellbeing.

In partnership with Herefordshire & Worcestershire Wellbeing & Recovery College, we are offering this 12-week course FREE of charge to Herefordshire and Worcestershire residents. This will start on Monday 18th March, with weekly online sessions, 6.30 – 7.30pm. To register, please call 01789 298615 (office hours) or email our facilitator, Paol Stuart-Thomson.

These workshops are for anyone living with low mental wellbeing or mental ill-health who would like to get a greater insight and strategies into managing their mental health more effectively. This twelve week programme consists of a weekly session lasting for one hour, aimed at providing people with Cognitive Based Coping Strategies for improved wellbeing. 

The sessions are delivered in small informal groups of 2 to 12 participants to enable and facilitate discussion.


  • An understanding of why an individual may feel the way they do
  • Improved mental wellbeing & self-insight
  • Decrease in emotional reactiveness
  • Have a tool kit on managing their mental wellbeing
  • Gaining peer support
  • Reduce social isolation

This 12 week, one hour per week course can be delivered face to face or digitally.

Contact us for details on costs and fully funded places.