University life and mental health

One student talks about her experience of first-year university life and how she has learnt to better manage her mental health.

The corporate benefits of mental health training

What are the workplace costs of poor mental health and understand the benefits of corporate mental health training in the workplace.

Support for Depression in Warwickshire and Worcestershire

Understand causes and treatments of depression, as well as what support is available in South Warwickshire and Worcestershire.

Why I fundraise for SWWMind

Why fundraise for SWWMind? Here’s an insight into one of our fundraisers Shelley Robinson, and why she chooses to fundraise for us.

The Benefits of the Outdoors to Mental Health

Understand the many benefits nature, the outdoors and gardening have on your Mental Health. Learn more about our Green Minds project.

What’s on in South Warwickshire & Worcestershire in December

Discover what’s happening in South Warks and Worcs this December. Warm hubs, foodbanks, craft, library activities, Christmas dinners and more.

Mental Wellbeing at Christmastime

Here, we offer some guidance to support, advice and resources to help you better manage your mental health during the festive period.

Three daily stress triggers

Stress triggers don’t have to be big life events. Read our blog to understand how small daily challenges can affect our mental health.

Volunteer at our Mental Elf Fun Run

Have fun in the run up to Christmas, get fit, and raise money for your local mental health charity at the same time!

Coping Strategies for OCD

Learn coping strategies for OCD. Understand ways to better manage your obsessive or worrying thoughts and your compulsions.

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