Three daily stress triggers

Stress triggers don’t have to be big life events. Read our blog to understand how small daily challenges can affect our mental health.

Volunteer at our Mental Elf Fun Run

Have fun in the run up to Christmas, get fit, and raise money for your local mental health charity at the same time!

Coping Strategies for OCD

Learn coping strategies for OCD. Understand ways to better manage your obsessive or worrying thoughts and your compulsions.

How can you use exercise to support your mental health?

Understand the link between exercise and mental health. Understand the benefits of physical exercise and your mental health and wellbeing.

Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD

This blog gives an overview of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), what it is, what the symptoms are and how to help improve it.

What makes a great fundraiser? An insight into one of our top fundraisers!

What makes a great fundraiser? In this latest blog, we provide an insight into fundraising ideas for a local mental health charity.

Unlocking Wellness: The Transformative Force of Creativity

Creativity, an innate quality that has always fascinated us and sparked innovation in countless areas, can captivate our imagination and foster human expression and connection. Its impact extends beyond the realms of artistry, encompassing aspects of well-being as well.

What are the wellbeing benefits of gardening?

Discover the therapeutic power of gardening for mental wellbeing with tips, benefits, and techniques to nurture your mind while tending to your garden.

4 Ways Taking a Mental Health Day Will Benefit You

We explore how taking a ‘mental health day’ can benefit you, with four simple ways to better mental wellbeing.

The Impact of Suicide… A Personal Story

A colleague recounts her upbringing with a sibling struggling with mental health issues, and explores how his behaviour ultimately contributed to his suicide.

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