Community & Corporate Partners

Community and corporate partnerships play a crucial role in supporting South Warwickshire & Worcestershire Mind. These sponsors provide vital resources and assistance that enable the organisation to fulfill its mission of promoting mental well-being and supporting individuals in the community facing mental health challenges.

We’re extremely proud to partner with our:

Community Partners

Corporate Partners


Community sponsors offer a direct connection to the local residents and businesses, fostering a sense of unity and shared responsibility. Community sponsors also help raise awareness about mental health issues within the local area, reducing stigma and encouraging open conversations about mental well-being.

Corporate sponsors bring their expertise, influence, and financial backing to the charity. By collaborating with businesses, South Warwickshire & Worcestershire Mind can leverage their corporate social responsibility initiatives to make a significant impact. 

By collaborating with South Warwickshire & Worcestershire Mind, corporations and businesses can offer their employees access to specialised mental health training programmes. This training equips staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and support mental health in the workplace. It helps create a more inclusive and supportive work environment where employees feel valued, understood, and empowered.

Together, these sponsors and SWW Mind work hand in hand to create a healthier, more compassionate society. If you are interested in becoming a community or corporate partner of South Warwickshire & Worcestershire Mind, please contact Ian Smart