Finding support in tough times - Breathing Space testimonial

When the weight of harassment and abuse from locals took its toll on Jemima’s* mental health, she knew she needed help. Referred to SWWMind through Orbit Housing, she approached the experience with a mix of nerves and hope. The practitioner she was paired with, Laura Spring, quickly put her at ease.

In this testimonial, she shares her journey with SWWMind, where Laura’s understanding and practical guidance helped her navigate through difficult times, leaving her stronger and more confident in facing life’s challenges:

I was referred to SWWMind through Orbit Housing after suffering with my mental health due to harassment and abuse we had been experiencing from our neighbours. 

I was nervous and apprehensive about what this would entail as I had previously used other methods of support like CBT. Although this had helped for other problems I was suffering with in the past, I felt I needed to speak with someone who could understand and empathise with how I was feeling at present. 

After a short wait from the referral Orbit made, I received a call from Laura for my initial consultation. 

Straight away, I felt so comfortable with talking to her and I knew she would be someone I would be happy sharing my thoughts with. Although I had my own vulnerabilities, she made me feel at ease and carefully listened to all I had to say. 

She took the time to understand and get to know not only me, but my family too. We talked in detail about things that were impacting on my mental health. She provided me with support and skills I needed to work through how I was feeling. She made me look at situations that were out of my control with a more positive outlook. I learnt to not let the little things affect me, to have more self-confidence and she gave me plenty of resources to help with how I was feeling. 

Laura was kind, caring, empathetic, understanding and thoughtful. We discussed my highs, my lows and laughed our way through each and every call. I came away feeling a lot more positive and happier knowing that Laura had listened to what might be minute and trivial worries for others, but reassured me that my feelings were valid. 

As our sessions came to a close, I felt confident in knowing that I can tackle problems on my own. She gave me the tools to do this. But, she was very reassuring in letting me know that if I ever need to use the service again, she will always be there to offer support. 

I cannot thank Laura enough. It was like talking my problems through with a friend. The laughter we shared has certainly helped lessen my stress and anxiety. She is such an asset to your company. I know many others will benefit from the support she offers, because I certainly did. 

We are honoured to have been a part of this Jemima’s* journey towards healing and resilience and extend our sincere gratitude to Laura and the Breathing Space team for their unwavering commitment to making a positive impact.

If you or someone you know is an Orbit customer and facing similar challenges, we encourage you to explore our Breathing Space service. At Breathing Space, you’ll find a safe and supportive environment where you can access the resources and guidance needed to navigate through difficult times. Remember, you’re never alone on this journey, and assistance is just one small step away.

*To protect the privacy of the service user, names and identifying details have been changed.