The Male Brain & Stress

Mental health and the male brain – these workshops aim to understand better the effects of long-term stress and depression on the male brain. Only 36% of NHS referrals for mental health therapy are male. These sessions will be a place of learning, discussion, and shared ideas of gaining a better sense of control over out physical and mental health.

This workshop will cover: 

  • How does stress affect the brain?
  • The physical effects of long-term stress
  • The chemical effects of long-term stress
  • Depression and the male brain
  • Case studies
  • How to feel more in control

Learning Outcomes:

  • The impact of stress on men
  • Spotting the signs of poor mental health for men
  • Exploring stigma and masculinity and effects on male mental health
  • How men can build mental resilience

This 2-hour course can be delivered face to face or digitally.

Contact us to discover more about current sessions we are running, as well as corporate and individual costs.