Why I choose to fundraise for SWWMind

In this latest blog, we provide an insight into one of our community fundraisers, Shelley, and look at why she chooses to raise money for a local mental health charity.

Background and Motivation:

Meet Shelley, whose touching story embodies the spirit of giving back and creating joy through craft at Christmastime.  

It began with an incident a few years ago when a wreath which Shelley had made and placed on her Nan and Grandad’s grave, was unfortunately stolen. At the same time, Shelley came across a gentleman visiting his wife’s grave, who also had his wreath stolen and was very upset. This motivated Shelley to replace both the wreaths and come up with an idea to create something unique for her Nan and Grandad – her Christmas Logs.  

These logs became a symbol of love, remembrance and full of festive spirit, which started out as a personal tribute but quickly garnered attention from friends and family who admired the uniqueness of these creations. 


Driven by a passion to give back to the community, Shelley envisioned a way to turn this craft into a force for good. Supported by the generosity of her stepfather, a forester, who kindly donated the logs, Shelley began creating a range of festive logs that turned into a true passion.   

Shelley’s motivation for fundraising is deeply personal. She made it her “mission” to fundraise for organisations like Mind and CALM after the loss of a dear friend and colleague to suicide 18 months ago and felt this was her “way to contribute to mental health awareness and support”. Sadly, earlier this year, Shelley was faced with the loss of another friend, which reinforced the urgency to advocate for mental health causes and show her support.  

After coming across a social post that shed light on the work that SWWMind do, Shelley instantly recognised an opportunity to make a difference in her local community and support others struggling with their mental health.  

This Christmas, Shelley has kindly decided to craft even more logs to sell to members of the public, with funds raised being donated to SWWMind. Her efforts are a wonderful and uplifting example of how creativity, passion, and determination can positively impact not only her own mental health and wellbeing but on that of others too. 

If you’d like to purchase one of your very own Christmas Logs, please contact Shelley directly on busbybird@gmail.com who will be making and delivering the logs up until Christmas Eve the Stratford, Wellesbourne and surrounding areas. 

How can I fundraise for SWWMind?  

Has Shelley’s story inspired you to fundraise for SWWMind?  

As a charity we generate our own income, so your kind support allows us to continue to grow and deliver our services to those within our community who need it most.  

If you’d like to make an impact in your local community and support your local mental health charity, get in touch with our fundraising team today to start your fundraising journey! 

Or check out our fundraising page for inspiration, resources, and upcoming events!